Golf Fitness Program

Improving your golf game let alone maintaining your golf game only gets harder as we grow older. East Coast Movement Performance Institute works specifically to address your personal needs as a golfer. Golf fitness programs are designed by our Physical Therapists after performing a comprehensive physical evaluation.

We work along with your golf pro to assist you develop the physical requirements to perform a proper swing as well as developing the biomechanics to develop power to add distance and consistency to your

Using the technology of highspeed cameras and Simi Movement Capture software we can view your swing in real time and slow motion to determine a baseline for your overall range of motion and perform sequential repeated videos to track your improvements.

Additionally, we take advantage of AMTI force plates to view how well you are shifting your weight throughout your swing as well as what force development your legs contribute to your swing.

Improving your body’s range of motion, flexibility, balance, strength and stability ability from the ground up will add distance and consistency to your golf game as well as helping to prevent injury.

East Coast MPI is the most technologically advanced facility the general public can gain access to. We perform a thorough physical evaluation to develop an individually specific and comprehensive fitness program to help with your golf game.

Injury Prevention Training is Performance Training.

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