All running injuries either acute or chronic have a root cause. Finding that root cause can be difficult to determine. No other facility in NJ provides as comprehensive run analysis as East Coast MPI. Strength of the hips and lower extremities are measured with a BTE isokinetic dynamometer. If deficits in muscle recruitment are suspected surface EMG can be utilized to determine how well the brain and muscles are communicating. Our HP Cosmos treadmill allows clients to run at competitive paces while the Zebris platform system measures and compares stride length, heel strike or forefoot loading pressures as well as areas of pressure throughout your foot as you progress through your stride. The Simi movement capture systems records side, anterior and posterior views of the athlete running. Markers placed at specific locations on the runner allows the Simi movement capture software to measure joint angles while the athlete runs. East Coast MPI therapists have received advanced training to assess this video. Measurements of specific joint angles at specific points of the gait cycle are evaluated to determine what biomechanical movement patterns are occurring when the athlete is running. Strength or flexibility deficits contribute to pathological biomechanical patterns which lead to the runner’s injuries. Our system of analysis evaluates all these measurements and provides the most comprehensive run assessment to determine the cause of the most chronic and rehab resistant running injuries.

After determining if you have decreased strength, limited joint mobility, decreased flexibility and/or faulty running mechanics a specific rehab program can be prescribed to fit your needs. Throughout your treatment program repeated Simi movement capture video analysis, Zebris platform systems assessments and isometric dynonameter strength assessments are performed to provide neuro-feedback as well as, to track your progress and improved running biomechanics. Our specifically prescribed rehab programs lead the athlete to not only return to pain free running but with improved performance.

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