East Coast Movement Performance Institute.

Our approach is data driven, validated by research and proven on the field.


Golf Fitness program

East Coast Movement Performance Institute works specifically to address your personal needs as a golfer.

Vertical Leap Training

All the programs designed for our athletes are specific to the athletes’ physical strength,
motor recruitment and movement patterns.

Running Analysis

We utilize multiple levels of technology to determine strength, motor
recruitment and movement patterns.

Injury Prevention Training is Performance Training.

About Us

The physical therapists of East Coast Movement Performance Institute apply our advanced training and extensive knowledge of kinesiology, biomechanics and pathokinesiology combined with the technology of high speed movement capture combined with force plates and surface EMG to determine movement compensation, impaired muscle recruitment and strength impairments to develop a strength and biomechanics program tailored to each athletes strength and movement impairments. The state of the art facilities required to perform your movement analysis at East Coast MPI is normally found in college or professional sports setting and not your common physical therapy setting. The training our staff has received allows us to take advantage of this technology and provide our clients with the most comprehensive and accurate analysis of your movement, identify the impairments often times in multiple areas and develop treatment strategies specific to each individual.


Our Partners

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